Collagen Gel

Sunstreams Collagen Gel helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles & boost collagen when used with our infra-red hand held torch.

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On the skin


Our Water stores energy - and becomes negatively charged by light (H3O2)
This energy comes from Light but only certain specific wavelengths to Supercharge
Our water (gel) acts as a reservoir for this energy
Our ice melt (gel) stores energy in the gel and releases this energy into the skin

Under the Skin

The light from the torch Red and infrared penetrates the skin and acts in dynamic synergy to promote collagen, fibroblasts and elastin
With regular use of our serum, it could also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Serum - Supercharged water + Collagen + Vitamin E + Vitamin C in a 30ml Pump bottle

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Hand Held Infra Red Torch
The torch may also help to reduce pain. See our section on Red Light Therapy for more information.

The bubbles in the collagen gel are pure hydrogen the best antioxidant your body needs and some oxygen researchers say (m
ixed with collagen and structured water).
The process of melanin splitting water in the body is known as photolysis. When melanin absorbs photons of light energy, it undergoes structuralchanges that allow it to split water molecules. The products of this reaction are hydrogen gas (H2) and oxygen gas (O2).

The equation for this reaction is:

2H2O --> 2H2 + O2

Therefore,changes that allow it to split water molecules into their constituent parts - two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. This process is similar to the natural process of photosynthesis in plants, where light energy is used to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen.

Regarding the question about structured water, it is true that there is a theory that structured water (also known as EZ water or exclusion zone water) is created when water molecules are exposed to certain types of energy, such as infrared light or electromagnetic fields. This structured water is thought to have a different molecular structure than regular water, with a higher concentration of hydrogen ions (H+) and a lower concentration of hydroxide ions (OH-).

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