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Wanted People with Heart, People with Passion!

Have you ever wanted to be professionally trained to help to make a difference in well-being using a Unique Holistic System
backed by Science and over 3000 papers from leading scientists?Well now you can.  You do not need to be highly skilled we will teach everything you need to know.
UNEMPLOYMENT Might rise steeply this Year -
ACT NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE This Is a Local Based HOLISTIC WELLBEING Business Opportunity + Page 1 Google Website Package Deal
I am looking to work with 5 people only in the Pre-Launch so -
THIS Special OFFER Will END SOON this is a very special Pre-Launch Offer from the SUNSTREAMS Group UK.  

What’s included in the business package?

Distributor Package

How does it work?

The Sunstreams Group UK has been created to support the domestic sector and the commercial one and the Sunstreams UK head office website will be launched before the end of April which, along with your own website appearing on page 1 of google in your own local area. The package includes everything you would need to meet all the requirements to set up and operate from day 1 with only the need to replenish the Holistic Package when the existing stock are used.

It is an excellent time to start something new as there is less job security as well as a unique business opportunity made for the current situation in the UK for the foreseeable future and beyond where more natural solutions for well-being, general health and viral infections are always important?

It is a complete tailor made system to include training plus an individual plan of action for the first month to ensure most parts of beginning a business are planned, the first month being the most exciting period for any new business and sets the trend for the following months if replicated.

There are about 30 million homes in the UK, there are nearly 13 million people aged 65 with nearly half of them over 75, and a rapidly growing number of younger people with problems with weight and general health looking for a more natural solution. There are many more people working from home – HOLISTIC HEALTH is here to Stay and Direct Home deliveries very popular. Plus the local market for offices and all types of other businesses.

The official launch for this is April/May 2021 but Operators will be able to operate within 3/4 weeks of placing this order.

What to do now ………
For further information and pricing email us now.

Contact DAVID FOSTER B.Sc.Dip.M. Grad.Inst.M

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Miles2goLtd, employees, certified distributors or agents so not make any warranties, expressed or implied, as to the use or effectiveness of any our products or services for a particular purpose. The user is solely responsible for determining whether our Light treatment is fit for a particular and suitable for the user’s method of application. We believe that there is no healing power outside your body, and we do not claim that our light or ice/water products or service has healing power of any kind, and no claim as such is made or implied. The unit itself is a mixture of light, designed to be similar to the wavelengths used in the Independent evidence, which might help as a tool to provide a safe, painless, non-invasive method of helping to stimulate cellular physiologically sensitive and skin sensory areas. While many people have been satisfactorily treated using light therapy as in the independent evidence, or have received some relief by this kind of method, no warranty is given or implied to the effectiveness, or otherwise, of this form of treatment or the programme offered. No responsibility is accepted for any treatment effects, condition progress, or sequel arising after treatment. The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace advice from your Doctor or other health care professional. We suggest you use our light system in conjunction with your health care professional’s recommendations.

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