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Earthing improves metabolism and reduces stress, two factors that promote weight loss.

Earthing improves metabolism. Tests show that if you sleep Earthed, metabolism functions better making it easier to lose weight.

Earthing reduces stress (see below the research that shows that stress in woman can lead to weight gain), and provides a more natural movement of the Cortisol levels. The hormone cortisol causes the blood sugar level to rise which gives you energy perseverance. Cortisol stimulates your appetite and causes more fat storage. Cortisol is an important hormone that gives the body energy in stressful situations, for example it ensures you can fend off danger or run away. Also with other forms of stress, such as an excessive workload or disease, but for instance also with too little sleep, unhealthy eating habits, concerns or too much exercise, the body will create cortisol. If you suffer from stress continuously, it can lead to too much release of cortisol which leads to weight gain and you can even end up in a burn-out. When the level of insulin and/or cortisol production of your body is too high, your hormones will be out of balance which almost always results in an increase in abdominal fat. Moreover, if you create too much cortisol you often have a somewhat bulging face, a thicker neck and more fat on your upper arms.

In an experiment with rats, in which the group was divided into an earthed group and a non-earthed group, the earthed group showed about 11% less weight gain than the non-earthed group after 1 year. Both groups received the exact same diet. The only difference was that the cage of one group was earthed and the other group’s cage was not.

Only very few test have been done with groups of people, but we regularly hear that people find it easier to lose weight after they started Earthing. In addition to a better-functioning metabolism and a more natural cortisol level, you have less of a need to eat something in between (snacking).

An American doctor, Laura Koniver, did a 12 week study about the relationship between earthing and weight in 2012. The participants were asked to touch the earth with their bare skin for minimum of 2 times 30 minutes a day for a period of 10 weeks. Either walking outside with their bare feet, or inside with the use of Earthing products van Earthing. The changes were recorded in the areas of weight, pain, stress, sleep, energy levels and overall mood on a weekly basis.

After 10 weeks of Earthing for a minimum of 2 times 30 minutes a day, 100% of the participants reported:

  • an improved level of activity
  • a reduced stress level
  • a more normal appetite and reduced tendency to snack


And 75% of the participants also reported

  • improved sleep
  • improved mood
  • improved energy level
  • reduction in chronic pain problems

And what was special: participants with chronic pain problems had less pain, participants without pain problems lost weight. Making contact with the earth made sure that the body went to work, which had the highest priority. Two thirds of the participants who had little or no chronic pain problems at the start of the study were those who had a noticeable change in their weight. Most lost 2 to 6 kg in just 10 weeks, they changed nothing in their lifestyle, they only changed Earthing (no diet and no additional exercises).

Stress slows down the metabolism.

Stress can slow down the metabolism of woman and lead to weight gain. This is shown by a study done by Ohio State University. The project involved 58 woman with an average age of 43 years. They came to the clinic twice to have a meal containing 930 calories which was similar to a quick fast food bite such as burgers and fries. One meal contained a lot of saturated fat, the other more unsaturated fat. In addition they were asked how much they had moved in the 24 hours before the meal, how they felt and if any stressful events had happened.

Energy consumption

Just before the meal, the participants were allowed to rest for half an hour and their energy consumption was measured. After dinner for seven hours their metabolism was measured using their inhaled and exhaled air and their blood values. It turned out that woman who had experienced stress the day before the meal, consumed 104 calories of energy less than the relaxed participants. Moreover, the stressed women had more insulin in their blood, which contributes to the storage of fat. Which meal they had eaten made little difference. The results of the study are published in the journal Biological Psychiatry.

Conclusion:  because Earthing reduces the stress level, it will improve metabolism, which in turn will mean more calories are consumed, and less fat is deposited. This facilitates weight loss!

Our advice is to do as much Earthing as possible, so both sleeping Earthed at night with the help of an Earthing blanked and during the day at work with the help of an Earthing mat. And if possible, occasionally go outside barefoot: wonderfully relaxing!


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