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The Secret Formula for Youthful Energy

Zero Calorie Xtra Natural Energy

Plenty of energy is an aspect that truly defines youth. In our youth, our bodies have an innate ability to maintain the repair process. In science, we call this anabolic metabolism, or having the ability to repair our cells faster than they are breaking down or dying. Anabolic metabolism also helps to create an effective energy producing system.

These days, we tend to break our bodies down faster than we can repair them-a process referred to as catabolic metabolism. We often feel tired and are always looking for an energy boost and we all too often try to find it by consuming lots of caffeine, taurine, ephedrine, energy drinks or high energy bars. All of these stimulants provoke a temporary excitatory response from the body, but in the end they take more from the body than the give. This is often experienced as the energy crash.

Instead of finding ways to temporarily lift your energy levels and eventually come stalling to a halt, what if you could provide each of your body’s cells with what nutrients and water that is required to keep energy production at a more effective and efficient rate? Would you be interested? Of course you would, after all who couldn't use a little more energy

Let's first take a brief look at how your body produces energy

Inside the majority of your trillions of cells lies numerous little energy plants called mitochondria. These tiny little energy factories are responsible for producing at least 90 percent of the energy-carrying substance adenosine triphosphate (ATP a currency of energy). Therefore, plenty of your energy is dependent upon how well your mitochondria are functioning. Certain wavelengths of light can enhance the performance and efficiency of the mitochondria. The influence of various wavelengths of light on better oxygen carrying capacity and quicker release to help produce natural energy by your cells also is apparent. Because it has been said that we are 99% water in molecules we looked at water as another source of energy in the cells. We developed lights with 8 differemt wavelengths to help enhance cellular performance (CE APPROVED devices)

The study of the dynamic synergy of the combination of light and natural water to help to give a store of extra energy was our mission.

Ground-breaking research (10 years University examination and experimentation) by Dr Pollack and his team has confirmed the power of cellular water as a reservoir of energy in the cells. This cellular water is different to ordinary water. Created naturally in nature this is an essential for all healthy cells. He calls it EZ water we call it Ice Melt/Water.

We have spent 3 years studying how Light (specific wavelengths) affects water to form Ice Melt/Water. This based on research work done by NASA (plus continued by leading scientists - over 4000 scientific papers)


2. We found a way to copy Mother Nature to produce Ice Melt/Water (containing natural energy). We also freeze this water to form – ICE MELT. This ice releases the natural energy as it melts.

How Mother Nature Makes ICE MELT type of Water

We copied the way Mother Nature creates energy in water. The essential Ice Melt type water for energy that your body needs is created by the action of water and the sun. The natural action of water moving over rocks, cascading down waterfalls, passing through twists and turns actively creates naturally organised water. Water molecules become energetically alive and fresh and are powered by specific wavelengths of the sun. Through this process, the molecular structure of water is changed and charged to offer more energy, more natural hydration and better capacity to carry and release energy and nutrients at a cellular level.

The Ice Melt/Water could combine in dynamic synergy to help provide a wonderful source of natural zero calorie energy. So, at last, this is available in all our products. Ice Melt Water is a shot of sunshine – the natural energy of the sun in water or ice in a form that your body needs and wants. It can store this energy and use it when needed for Xtra Energy


cientific Evidence from Dr Pollack and his team from 10 years University work – What they discovered!

Dr Pollack calls this type of water EZ water – We call it Ice Melt/Water

He says by molecule we are about 99% waterso the water we drink is very very important!

Dr. Pollack says there’s compelling evidence that Ice Melt/Water type of water is indeed lifesaving...

If you have an organ that’s not functioning well—for example, it’s lacking that negative charge—then the negative charge from the earth and... [drinking] this sort of water can help restore that negativity. I’ve become convinced.

This type of water builds from certain wavelengths of light by adding layer upon layer of Ice Melt type of water, and can build millions of molecular layers. This is how it occurs in nature. For example, ice doesn’t form directly from ordinary H2O. It goes from regular water to Ice Melt water. And when you melt it, it goes from Ice Melt/Water to regular water. Our water is an intermediate state.

“Glacial (ICE) melt is a perfect way to get (EZ) water. And a lot of people have known that this water is really good for your health,” Dr. Pollack says.

Water samples from the river Ganges and from the Lourdes in France have been measured, suggesting these “holy waters” contain high amounts of Ice Melt type water. According... that this negative charge is critical for healthy function,” Dr. Pollack says.

Dr Pollack has shown that this Ice Melt type water is actually part of the structure of each cell. In addition to the fact that this water is interfacing and is organised and ordered, it is also electrically charged. And the water just beyond it is oppositely charged.

3. Free Natural Energy – A reservoir of energy?

So your cells act like a battery. So we are made up of millions of batteries! "In your cells are multiple batteries with plus and minus charges, separated. There is Free Energy available from this water. (According to Dr Pollack)

For more from Dr Pollack please watch


Ice Melt/Water could be very important for Health and Well Being

Plus for weight loss and weight management

  • We are designed as eating machines – so trying to diet is very challenging
  • In days of old food could be short so we developed energy storage – mainly as fat
  • There is also energy storage in cellular water (like Ice Melt type water)
  • Ice Melt/Water could supply Zero Calorie Energy
  • Various rays of the sun help to improve the efficiency of energy production in the cells and help make cellular water a natural storage reservoir of energy.
  • A good supply of oxygen is always important.

Final thoughts

  • "Alas, our bodies are not 100% efficient at converting food energy into mechanical output. But at about 25% efficiency, we're surprisingly good considering that most cars are around 20%, and that a cornfield is only about 1.5% efficient at converting incoming sunlight into chemical storage."

    Now, if we could convert cellulose and other fibres into the sugars they are made of, like ruminants or termites, we could eat a lot less.
    Our digestive systems would have to be a lot different though. 

Conclusions and How to Lose Weight!

Eat Less Yet Have More Energy?

Most people’s metabolism is 85% efficient at converting extra calories into white fat, "storage fat". We have "survival genes" that help store energy against lean times.

In modern industrial societies, there are no lean times, so people get fat.

Our diet has too much concentrated calories, not enough fibre, which we can't digest.

Ice Melt/Water could supply cellular energy without any calories - so you will feel less hungry– so you will eat fewer calories – but still have extra energy?

Therefore could be very useful in helping to lose weight?


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