Pain Relief System

The Light Therapy Lamp System aims to try to help give some relief from various types of pain

Please read in conjunction with the current Independent evidence

  • It is based on NASA research and ongoing independent scientific studies results (over 4000 papers have been written according to pub med gov)

     Click here to read the NASA Supporting Evidence >>

  • Independently Tried and Tested - CE approved
  • Medical grade quality and power
  • The lamp contains a combination of LED lights of wavelengths of light that have been found to help with some positive results in various independent clinical and experimental trials.
  • The Lamp is unique and patents application are in process
    Results may vary - might be immediate or may help to improve over time
  • The independent evidence suggests with some proof and conclusions that these wavelengths might give some help for speed of action, Energy, Pain relief, Arthritis, MS, Wound Healing,
  • Inflammation (and protection from damage), Skin Texture and fine Lines (as per the independent evidence)
  • Clinical consultations and treatment or home systems available
  • Easy to use - sit or lie down, plug in and relax
  • No pain killing or prescription drugs used - no known side effects*
  • May also give some help for certain pets and animals too
  • Portable and compact so easy to use and store
  • Free consultation and Free Trial (limited offer!)

During this study, published in the prestigious European Journal of Preventative Cardiology, participants were exposed to 30 minutes of whole-body blue light at approximately 450 nanometres, a dose comparable to daily sunlight – followed by exposure to a control light on a different day.Visible blue light, as opposed to ultraviolet (UV) light, is not carcinogenic.

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Miles2go, employees, certified distributors or agents so not make any warranties, expressed or implied, as to the use or effectiveness of any our products or services for a particular purpose. The user is solely responsible for determining whether our Light treatment is fit for a particular and suitable for the user’s method of application.
We believe that there is no healing power outside your body, and we do not claim that our light or service has healing power of any kind, and no claim as such is made or implied. The unit itself is a mixture of light, designed to be similar to the wavelengths used in the Independent evuidence, which might help as a tool to provide a safe, painless, non-invasive method of helping to stimulate cellular physiologically sensitive and skin sensory areas. While many people have been satisfactorily treated using light therapy as in the independent evidence, or have received some relief by this kind of method, no warranty is given or implied to the effectiveness, or otherwise, of this form of treatment or the programme offered. No responsibility is accepted for any treatment effects, condition progress, or sequel arising after treatment.
The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace advice from your Doctor or other health care professional. We suggest you use our light system in conjunction with your health care professional’s recommendations.

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