T-Power Lamp with Stand

At Last! The HELP you are looking for?

T-Power Therapy is the latest exciting helping addition to our study of light therapy using unique technology and latest holistic science

NOW WITH STAND FOR £230 while stocks last HURRY!
(£199 without stand)


  • T-Power Light with StandPlug into T-Power – Relief at Last
  • Drug Free Relief (No pills!)
  • 3 simple steps to lasting remedial help
  • Plug in to the mains – no assembly required (except with the tailor-made stand)
  • Adjust your T-Power (with our unique stand)
  • Switch on with adjustable speed switch
  • Relax with up to 15-minute sessions
  • Lasting relief (click to read more testimonials)
  • Fast and convenient (and mobile) it’s so easy!
  • Saves money – maybe no more expensive trip to the chiropractor or Doctors surgery
  • Compact, Lightweight Design – easy to store and use anywhere
  • Natural treatment No need for pain killers or prescription drugs - may help to relieve some conditions
  • Combines in dynamic synergy with our therapy led lights
  • T-Power is unique non-ionising technology that may help reduce inflammation and might send important signals to the nervous systems that may help restore muscle tone, balance and blood supply as it tries to help remove aches and pains

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"I am 53 years old and have had Multiple Sclerosis for 25 years. I work hard on holistic therapies with a limited budget and do quite well. My problems are: pain in my right foot, poor balance, lack of energy, poor bladder control and very sluggish bowels.
I have been using the Magic lamp/Light Therapy for 3 months and the changes are amazing:
  • The pain in my foot, which I have had for several years, is now 50% better.
  • My balance and walking is much better.
  • My energy level is significantly better.
  • My bowels are working perfectly. In fact, I had my bowels moved several times in the first few days and now go very regularly.
I now take no drugs at all. This means that MS is no longer in control of me, I am in control of it! I have also suffered from depression because I have MS, which is common. But now, I feel happy and much more positive about my future.
This is only after 3 months, what’s going to happen after 6, 9 or 12 months. Light therapy is truly amazing and is changing my life."

Ian, Lancashire


Miles2goLtd, employees, certified distributors or agents so not make any warranties, expressed or implied, as to the use or effectiveness of any our products or services for a particular purpose. The user is solely responsible for determining whether our Light treatment is fit for a particular and suitable for the user’s method of application. We believe that there is no healing power outside your body, and we do not claim that our light or ice/water products or service has healing power of any kind, and no claim as such is made or implied. The unit itself is a mixture of light, designed to be similar to the wavelengths used in the Independent evidence, which might help as a tool to provide a safe, painless, non-invasive method of helping to stimulate cellular physiologically sensitive and skin sensory areas. While many people have been satisfactorily treated using light therapy as in the independent evidence, or have received some relief by this kind of method, no warranty is given or implied to the effectiveness, or otherwise, of this form of treatment or the programme offered. No responsibility is accepted for any treatment effects, condition progress, or sequel arising after treatment. The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace advice from your Doctor or other health care professional. We suggest you use our light system in conjunction with your health care professional’s recommendations.

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