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Chronic pain affects about 76 million people in the U.S. and carries an economic burden of nearly $100 billion annually.
The most frequently used medications, narcotic and non-narcotic analgesic drugs (e.g., morphine, ibuprofen, etc.), do not provide complete or sustained relief of chronic pain. Scientists are currently seeking alternative solutions for chronic pain management. One possible solution is hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) therapy.

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Natural Green Light through Trees

Benefits :- There are 2 models available & designed to be quick, easy and help with faster results

Green Light Therapy
  • Q Power Min (100 watt)
  • Q Power Max (300 watt)
  • Both help to promote Q Power and help to be effective and efficient
  • May try to help in pain relief
  • Q Power Min is 100-watt and ideal for the face and smaller treatment areas
  • Q Power Max is 300-watt power for total body treatment
  • Designed to help alleviate Pain and promote wellness
  • Combine with our other T- Power products in dynamic-synergy
  • Can be used at home (or in a clinic)
  • Safe CE approved
  • Can be used with pets and animals

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Green Light Research & Studies

A study by UA researchers revealed rats with neuropathic pain that were bathed in green LED showed more tolerance for thermal and tactile stimulus.

Of note, no side effects from the therapy were observed, nor was motor or visual performance impaired. The beneficial effects lasted for four days after the last exposure to the green LED. In addition, no tolerance to the therapy was noted.

"Early studies show that green light is increasing the levels of circulating endogenous opioids, which may explain the pain-relieving effects’

Which is why the researchers are now conducting a small, randomized, double-blind clinical trial to study the effects of green LED light on people with fibromyalgia, a common source of chronic pain. Participants are provided with a green LED light strip to use in a darkened room for one to two hours nightly for 10 weeks.

So far, the results of the trial look promising. Two participants even refused to return the green LED light because their pain was markedly diminished, and one participant wrote to Ibrahim telling him how positive the experience was — and asked for the light back. Ibrahim obliged.

Also of note, the therapy works equally well in males and females, Khanna says. "There's no lesser efficacy in females, and that's exciting because some medications will have some pain relief and that may be further stratified based on gender," he says.

Todd Vanderah, Professor and chair of pharmacology and co-author of the study, says that novel non-pharmacological methods are desperately needed to help the millions of individuals suffering from chronic pain. The initial results, hinting of green LED altering the levels of endogenous substances that may inhibit pain and possibly decreasing inflammation of the nervous system, are a great breakthrough, Vanderah says. Such therapy is inexpensive and could easily be used worldwide.

At the very least, the researchers are hoping that green LED may be used by itself or in combination with other treatments for pain, Ibrahim says.

"Chronic pain is a serious issue afflicting millions of people of all ages," he says. "Pain physicians are trained to manage chronic pain in several ways, including medication and interventional procedures in a multimodal approach. Opioids, while having many benefits for managing pain, come with serious side effects.

"We need safer, effective and affordable approaches, used in conjunction with our current tools, to manage chronic pain. While the results of the green LED are still preliminary, it holds significant promise to manage some types of chronic pain."

Our Green Light System

Perfect recipe – BOOST ! Quantum power

Our unique mix in our unit interacts with the nitric oxide-enzyme IV complex to photo-dissociate or eject the nitric oxide molecule and this makes the position open for an oxygen molecule. When the oxygen molecule replaces the nitric oxide, energy production is back in place and ATP production begins. Of course oxygen must be available to replace the ejected nitric oxide molecule. We know that our mix can clear the way for ATP production to proceed, but we also need fresh oxygen in the area to complete the reaction. This is the purpose of our special mixed light as discuss next.

Quantum BOOST

Also I have this experimental evidence so an extra advantage from our unique mix and Hypoxia.       

Increasing the oxygen availability to tissue can be accomplished by vasodilators but also by tapping into the large reservoir of oxygen carried by the blood in the papillary dermis. The thin top layer of the dermis (the inner layer of the skin). The papillary dermis has connective tissue and blood vessels that give nutrients to the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) and that help control the temperature of the skin. Our mixed light (the middle of the Q-band haemoglobin absorption) has been demonstrated to photo-dissociate molecular oxygen from oxyhaemoglobin, and this freed oxygen is available to perfuse tissues even where the vasculature is deficient.

35 times more efficient in absorption 150 times more than ordinary light

The advantage of the mix wavelengths is that it is absorbed 35 times more than ordinary light and 150 times more than laser radiation. Our mix has greater quantum efficiency for photo-dissociation of oxygen than ordinary light, and the probability of its absorption by haemoglobin is also much higher. The photo-dissociation of oxy-haemoglobin into oxygen and haemoglobin can be spectacularly efficient. A 65% quantum efficiency of our mix has been reported, although the original oxygen-releasing haemoglobin molecule recaptures much of the released oxygen.8I



In 12 of the patients given opioid, oxygen saturation decreased by at least 1% within 120 s of administration of the opioid (Fig. 1). In no patient was a decrease in saturation of more than 3% observed, at any time. Generally, the decrease was transient, lasting for about 1–4 min.1 May 2010 https://academic.oup.com/bja/article/104/5/661/311752

Hyperbaric oxygen could provide relief of chronic pain



Date: April 22, 2012


Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)

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