How I made a discovery that changed my weight and my life!

In this blog I want to tell you about a weight management shortcut as part of a series about well-being

We rely on food as a primary source of energy but we also discovered and developed some alternative sources to try and give a potential extra boost to match your needs (animals and pets) with little or zero calorie content. This came from our 6 year study of:-

  • The Sun- natural energy (plus Our CE Mini-Sun Light system when indoor or winter).
  • Best Water-Sunkissed water and Glacier style ice melt (liquid sunshine?)
  • Earthing -Grounding mats to try to help and try to harness and balance the Earths energy.
  • Supplements-The above three might help act in dynamic synergy with the best vitamins, minerals and supplements to make extra energy bio-available

Weight and energy

My Name is David Foster and I’m an inventor and scientist working in holistic complementary anti-age and health. My quest was to maximise my energy with less effort, in less time for less cost because then I hoped that my body could become more effective more efficient healthier. Weight can be an obstacle? I was looking for natural short cuts!

It began when I had put on a few extra pounds, felt tired so I looked and tried many different ways to get back maintain a lower weight. You name it I probably tried it but the results were always the same. Simply the’ eat less and move more’ popular strategy on its own did not work for me Yes Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle are important but after hours and hours of research – I wanted something natural with plenty of scientific proof. Simple but not easy to find? I was looking for a shortcut – something quick and easy that gave fast results - Less effort to lose weight in less time!

I love to dance and chose dancing to going to the gym. I had been dancing ballroom for a couple of years and had moved and went to a new dancing school. I thought I’d try a few private lessons. The Teacher was fantastic. Alas she told me I was not doing the basic steps correctly and without the basics. I would never dance very well. So I worked at the basics with her and sure enough my dancing improved and it was great fun too.

In a flash one day I thought I should go back to basics and copy something that naturally helps. I studied Mother Nature In my quest to an answer to maximising energy for weight loss and weight management in less time. The human body, consists of about 100 trillion cells and is around 65% water so I started looking closely at the cells especially how they manufacture energy for metabolism and your daily needs. If the cells were more effective and efficient it would create lots of possibilities for health and weight loss – so back to basics. So I read and read especially all about the work done by NASA about how light affects your cells. Also the fantastic work of Dr Pollack and his University team in the USA – 15 year study of the secrets of water SEE LINK and Blog not written yet

This NASA work has been established for over 50 years for health for the astronauts in space and submarines with no known side effects. NASA experimented with the power of sunlight and different colours in the spectrum – like a rainbow light has 7 colours NASA also worked with wavelengths beyond the visible colours. The results that NASA achieved were fantastic plus there is now plenty of scientific support and proof with on-going work.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

I had stumbled across the information not from doctors or diet specialists but during my research. I had been very focused and spent hours and hours reading then trying and testing different approaches and wavelengths. I have a University degree and also studied Chemistry and Biochemistry.

I put together a system and prototypes - different components that naturally combined synergistically to give me a fabulous result. By doing certain things in certain ways regularly I had found a system that worked for me. I had lost nearly stone over a period of 30 days and inches from my waist.

I humbly thank all those who have helped me and put up with me during the research and development – my fuel was passion!

By going back to basics I had made a discovery that changed my energy my weight, weight management and my life! 10-15 minutes a day using this system gave me the results I wanted.

I did not change my diet, my lifestyle or my level of exercise. However in the process I felt great, fitter, healthier too– I looked better too and people started to notice the difference and asked me how I had managed it.

In a humble way I would like to share it with you and hope it can help you as much as it helped me and others. There are now many scientific experiments and papers supporting this approach!

How does it Work?

Simply 10-15 minutes of exercise in the light from the Magic Lamp!

I do not want to bore you with all the science bar to say that it is based on the way your cells work and make energy. It was verified and supported by all the work that NASA have done to keep astronauts fit and healthy in space using light.

Losing Weight and Losing Fat – Energy is the Key

Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle and the Water that you Drink are Important – ASK to read about how the best water to drink might help you as part of the system * LINK BLOG to be written

Your weight is determined by the rate at which you store energy from the food that you eat, and the rate at which you use that energy. As your body breaks down fat, the number of fat cells remains the same; each fat cell simply gets smaller. You need energy! You need your cells to be efficient and effective.

The first source in maintaining energy is to break down carbohydrates, or glycogen, into simple glucose molecules -- this process is called glycogenolysis.

Next, your body breaks down fats into glycerol and fatty acids in the process of lipolysis. The fatty acids can then be broken down directly to get energy, or can be used to make glucose through a

Multi-step process called gluconeogenesis. In gluconeogenesis, amino acids can also be used to make glucose.

Specific infrared wavelengths also help living cells increasing energy and metabolism, energy production, and causing more fuel (calories) to be burned. There is a specific wavelength that is optimal for absorption by fat cells (therefore may help in Weight Loss) Human cells have light sensitive chemicals called chromophores which react to light in the 630nm – 940nm range. When stimulated by the Magic Lamp in this range, the cells produce more ATP which is the energy source that powers every muscle and increases metabolism.  The light also causes DNA synthesis in the fibroblasts of the cells which makes the skin more elastic and younger looking. Also the Magic Lamp helps cellular healing, thus reducing the recovery time after exercise. 

The benefits of my sort of system for improving metabolism and health have been proven in independent research by highly respected scientists and physicians. For over 30 years now, NASA has been using this sort of light therapy to help astronauts maintain optimum health and fitness in deep space. Due to the long flights and extreme conditions, metabolic processes slow down dramatically and the body starts to weaken. What’s more, astronauts are at a high risk for injuring themselves and a slow metabolism make healing much more difficult. The Magic Lamp system is like a natural system because it addresses these problems as it speeds up and increases the efficiency of the metabolism – max energy for less effort in less time - That means the body working better, hastens wound healing, and alleviates pain. For those that want to know all the science I can send you the details.


First of all, this system could work fast. The specific wavelength that is absorbed by the fat cells might literally help to burn off fat by the hour. If you go on this system in the morning you might start losing some weight before the next day. You might lose weight faster on this system than if you ran 3 miles every day. You will be able to start to measure the difference in your weight and in your waistline within a couple of weeks or so. I love it. If you can find a system that works naturally and is better over a month I will buy it from you and gladly pay you for it.


This system helps to speed up metabolism and helps convert food and body fat to body fuel. Starting on the 1st day of this system your energy may begin to increase too. It will increase every day until it begins to level off. After that your energy level will probably stay about the same. This new energy level might be much higher than your existing level when using the system.

SIMPLE, EASY AND FAST RESULTS – I Want to Share with You How I Lost weight and felt I had lots more energy in 30 days!

This system is very simple. It is easy to follow even if you eat 3 meals a day. You do not have to rely on counting calories. You do not measure portions. The only thing you keep track of is how much you lose .A healthy lifestyle, calorie control, exercise and sensible diet will of course always complement this system.


SAFE: - Yes, according to the FDA in the USA this sort of system has a “non-significant risk” and is completely safe. It has been being used for 30 years with no side effects. New-borns have used it to treat Jaundice for over 30 years with no side effects. Dermatologists have used them for over 15

Years to treat the skin acne with no side effects. The FDA no longer requires safety testing on normal devices like this because they have this 30 year safely record and there are clinical studies that the FDA  overseen by an Investigational Review Board that  do not show ANY side effects! So this is not just a weight management and weight loss system. It might also be a health system. It is safe. It might be much safer than the way you try to lose weight now?

Don't ever take a chance with your health. It's not worth it. Besides it is not necessary. You may lose weight with this system plus might get fitter and healthier every day you stay on it.


You only have to exercise for about 10-15 minutes per day to lose weight with this system. However, since after the first few days you will have a lot more energy you will probably become more active. But you may lose some weight whether you become more active or not.


Right after you go on this system you might start to lose weight automatically. You don't have to think about it all the time.

As you can tell by now, I have come up with something that I really love and I am so full of enthusiasm and passionate about. You may lose weight in a natural healthy way. You do not have to always count calories or measure portions. Your health may improve and your energy will increase. Except for when you weigh yourself you will might forget you are on a weight loss system.

In short, this system quick and easy safe and simple – can give results fast!


Will this amazing little system work for you? I am sure it will. All that I ask is that you be open-minded enough to give me a chance to prove it.

I have written a Question and Answer piece on the science and scientific proof that tells you about my system. It gives you more of  the science and technical information – it is available to you if you want to read in great depth – I can send it to – please ask. LINK and blog not written including DETAILS SLIM WHILE YOU SLEEP SYSTEM

It may be easier if you talk with me or the person that gave you this information so you can find out all the information about what to do step-by-step. Then you can make a better decision on the best way forward. The very next day you could start with help in losing weight without risk.

NO RISK – Free Trial!

Here's how you can find out and try my system without any financial risk at all.  Come and test it FREE. Your first session is FREE. Then you can the decide the best way forward

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